Make Your Money Work For You

     I remember the first time I heard somebody say “make your money work for you.” It was actually in a book I read only a couple of months ago called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  He said, “Don’t work for money, make your money work for you.”  At first this was a completely foreign thought.  “Money doesn’t have legs” I thought.  Money can’t “go to work.”  What a ridiculous idea.  As I read further into the book I slowly started to make sense of this nonsense and  wondered if it would be possible for somebody like me to grow wealth and have my money working for me. I was somebody with no financial education, somebody who has been in debt ever since she was twenty years old, somebody who didn’t grow up with a Rich Mom or a Rich Dad to learn from.  In fact, My father had opened two business that went bankrupt and my Mother struggled to make ends meet as a single Mother.  Despite my past lack of education around money I wondered if it would be possible for My husband and I to put some of Robert kiyosaki’s methods to work.  “Hey” My little voice said, “maybe we can create wealth in our lives too!”  Since my husband loves money and math and numbers he jumped on the Wealth train with me and in just a few short months we have consolidated our Debt, Bought stocks, started earning Air miles, we have a west jet points credit card so that we can start taking much needed vacations and are thinking about things like real estate investing and growing a family home business.  First I should let you know that one year ago My husband and I sat down and had a heartbreaking conversation, his love of money and numbers had led him to the gambling scene and over the years in combination with me taking time off of work to accomplish life long dreams like Yoga teacher training, becoming an author and being a stay at home mom.  We looked at our finances for the first time in years and realized that we had accumulated $50,000.00 of bad credit card debt!  $20,000.00 of that had an interest rate of 19%.  We had managed to dig a huge financial hole and I couldn’t see the way out. I felt hopeless, defeated and angry.  We talked about Divorce and bankruptcy.  It was a very heartbreaking time for us.  We decided that our love was stronger than this financial hole and that together we could get through it.  We became committed to making it work.  Now, one year later, we have less then $20,000.00 left in Debt which has been transferred to a 0% for twelve months Credit Card, so we pay no interest on the debt that we owe and we will be completely out of debt in the next year!  Feel free to follow our journey on our blog; which will also give you our most up to date wealth building /get out of debt tips.

I’d like to tell you about our Wealth Journey and how fast it has manifested.  About a week after I read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki (about two months ago) I saw a post on facebook about a Canadian Rich Dad advisor by the name of Darren Weeks who was holding a free two hour seminar in Calgary.  I immediately signed my husband and I up.  Darren spoke on the subject of Making your money work for you and we were both hooked!  It was eye opening to hear all of these different ways of creating wealth.  Darren’s number one point was that every body should have a business and a business that they love so that they can live life in a shiny happy healthy way  and reap the benefits come tax time.  Did you know that most people work from January to June just to pay taxes?  Is that not crazy?  The more I read and the more financial education I fed myself, the more I understand that there was a different and easier way to live. I became passionate about wanting to share what I was learning with my friends and family.

Do you want to take the next step in educationg yourself financially?

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